SIZZLE - A new technological breakthrough is poised to disrupt the media industry.

The Illusion Factory and IllusionQuest Studios, in our partnership with J. Anthony Forstmann of Forstmann Co., are proud to announce the release of Sizzle. This innovation has been many years in the making and will change marketing in countless ways.

Instantly Transactional

Sizzle has created the global standard for The Offer Engine™, a unified, intuitive program, which makes all media and locations instantly transactional, including: print media, digital media, 360º videos, social media, broadcast television and radio, streaming media, virtual reality, augmented reality, product packaging, physical locations, and search by artificial intelligence. Sizzle has incorporated this within a dynamic economic structure that enriches the lives of our consumers, advertisers, nonprofits and other Sizzle users, in countless ways.

Sizzle is Now Available

Sizzle premiered on March 15th, to 300+ advertisers, agencies and marketing executives, through an introduction by our partner in the Las Vegas DMA, Greenspun Media Group. As expected, our audience was literally stunned by the ease of use and multitude of applications of the technology, while simultaneously recognizing the substantial economic and social opportunities.

Engage Your Audience With Sizzle

Sizzle prides itself on always putting the customer's experience first, above all else. Our focus is on delivering a myriad of new connectivity between brands, companies, services, organizations, causes, and their consumers and supporters.

Sizzle is the only marketplace of its kind in the world. It is the first global point of sale that is ubiquitous in presence and rewarding for all participants.

Sizzle combines a diverse approach to connectivity by leveraging 5 unique forms of triggers for Sizzle offers, while simultaneously delivering an unparalleled consumer experience. Sizzle is one of those very rare apps that connects on all cylinders and generates massive market acceptance and engagement.

Our seamless integration of commerce, entertainment and information, delivered to our audiences in a dynamic new interactive system, makes Sizzle stand apart due to its ease of use, and rewarding instantaneous customer experiences which deliver consumers a substantial value on countless fronts.

Ignite Your Brand With Sizzle

Sizzle is a platform that enables brands, companies, organizations and institutions to recraft the message, and deliver with a fresh context for engagement. The consumers are communicating on Sizzle and allowing the brands to only selectively target their most likely audiences with the intent to awaken interest. We then leverage the cutting edge Sizzle toolsets to hone in on the impulse moment of purchasing, and capitalize on it through unique and entertaining methodologies.

Sizzle is the perfect new spin on the marketplace concept, since it delivers a cutting edge system, a series of valuable offers which are steeped in the tradition of great benefit and an outstanding customer experience. Our systems are vibrant, dynamic, and afford new and compelling marketing opportunities

The Verb

Want to find the best offer? Sizzle it. Looking for something fun to play with? Sizzle it. Searching for who is doing the most innovative new thing in the global market? Sizzle it.

Partnered For Success

The Illusion Factory has a 36 year legacy of successful marketing, advertising, designing, engineering and producing content for all of the major entertainment studios, as well as numerous Fortune 500 brands and entertainers. Having been entrusted with the promotion and marketing of more than 7 Billion Dollars in filmed, broadcast, live, online and gaming entertainment, while garnering more than 260 of the top creative and technical awards for their clients, The Illusion Factory has helped to generate substantially more than $100 billion in revenues for their customers. The Illusion Factory has invented many new patents pending technologies. They have a long list of impressive products, ideas, technologies and concepts for which they were the first company to create, innovate, concept or design.

J. Anthony Forstmann of Forstmann Co., an American financier, is one of the founding partners of ForstmannLeff & Associates, one of the first hedge funds in the United States, along with Joel B. Leff. He also founded Forstmann and Co., a merchant bank and is now a co-founder of Sizzle. J. Anthony Forstmann made an investment in Symbol Technologies that became a global standard in barcode, and invested in the first global E-Trading platform, Instanet. Mr. Forstmann was also a founder of one of the first hedge funds and LBO firms in the USA. With Sizzle, Mr. Forstmann and Mr. Weiner will create another global standard with the Offer Engine.

Sizzle is in partnership with WorldPay, and has worked to integrate Union Pay for benefit of the expansive Chinese consumer marketplace on a global basis. Sizzle is both a freestanding app, as well as a SDK for other approved companies to install Sizzle inside their app to generate significant revenue by monetizing their existing user base through the Sizzle system of stimuli, engagements and offers.

Watch for more information in your inbox. Sizzle launched in April of 2017 in the Las Vegas DMA.