Sizzle Is Simple

Sizzle Makes Connecting and Transacting With Consumers Both Easy and Fun.

Sizzle is the disruptive new model for transactions, that brings everything to life, by inserting the Point of Sale for Everything in one of the most functional and useful apps of all time. Leveraging the same intranet thought process as WeChat, Sizzle brings all relevant offers together in an engaging new network

Sizzle does this, by making all media capable of delivering instantaneous offers. Everything from a product, logo, sports broadcast, streaming video, print ad, company signs, displays, and everything else you can imagine, is now completely transactional.

Sizzle is a comprehensive interactive platform that is stimulated by three forms of triggers:


Sizzle Works For Everyone. Easily.

Brands, Organizations, Corporations, Celebrities, Businesses, Charities, Politicians, all will use the Sizzle platform because Sizzle engages the consumer and minimizes the consumer’s effort to transact by accelerating the impulse opportunity to instantly drive an immediate purchase.

Hypothetically, using our patent pending Augmented Reality Television Technologies, Lebron walks right out of a bottle of Gatorade to sell a new pair of Nike signature shoes, Taylor performs a live augmented reality streaming song for her fans on Christmas Eve, while selling tickets for her tour and downloads of her new track.

There are literally thousands of scenarios, all of which work easily and efficiently on the Sizzle platform.