Sizzle Delivers A Very Positive Experience To All

Consumers appreciate Sizzle because it is noninvasive of privacy, all settings are adjustable to the consumer’s satisfaction, and information is only received and ingested as the consumer desires. Sizzle is never a spam system, and the flow of offers goes to the consumer in appealing ways. The consumer shopping experience is fun, engaging, unique, opportune and cost saving. The consumer is treated with extreme respect on Sizzle and Sizzle will work tirelessly to ensure that the consumer is regularly praising the unique Sizzle experiences through a host of feedback systems designed within Sizzle.

Sellers appreciate Sizzle because Sizzle enables brands, companies, individuals, organizations, institutions, and representatives to put their messages and opportunities into Sizzle on a success fee basis. Sizzle is the new paradigm of marketing in which a seller experiences true value for their marketing dollars by seeing a direct cause and effect to their programs, thereby generating a definitive return on investment for their advertising by using the Offer Engine to spread an offer to a specific psychographic and demographic in the marketplace. Furthermore, Sizzle delivers analytics that no other product in the marketplace can deliver, such as, who was drinking this bottle of liquid, on what date and where? And Sizzle can take that person and convert them into a retail sale, all directly from the bottle of liquid.

Sizzle Partners appreciate Sizzle, because Sizzle’s Affinity program will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue as the reward for helping Sizzle to atttract the audience to download the Sizzle app, or to engage with the Sizzle app inside another app on their smart device.

Exhibitions love Sizzle because Sizzle can instantly bring their museum, aquarium, zoo or other public facility to life, in ways heretofore unimagined.

Locations will gravitate to Sizzle because Sizzle easily takes their environment, and makes it massively more profitable by applying the Sizzle technologies to their consumer flow, in ways that consumers will substantially increase commerce and revenue.

Pharmaceutical companies will leverage Sizzle to massively decrease their exposure to erroneous claims against their products by providing multilingual explanations of their products to help to ensure proper use by the consumer.

Manufactures see Sizzle as the ubiquitous platform to produce their Augmented Reality explanations to using their products in an easy to find, easy to use system.

Brands love Sizzle because Sizzle is the single most useful stunt system for creating a viral interactive program to take branded content and spread it like wildfire across all social media.

Conventions desire Sizzle, because the Sizzle platform brings the Business to Business communication to life in the most compelling new format since the invention of video. Attendees will see Sizzle explode throughout the convention center, as the very best uses of Sizzle are shared and marvelled at by all of the attendees.

Direct Response Marketers gravitate instantly to Sizzle, because Sizzle takes all of the friction out of a direct response sale and makes all direct response campaigns in print, online or broadcast, instantly transactional. Sizzle opens the door for the easiest method of bringing direct response marketing to a significantly higher conversion rate than have been achieved previously.

Advertisers recognize that Sizzle takes the shotgun approach to advertising, and reverses the process, by providing a laser focused method of communicating directly to the most likely consumers for that advertiser’s offer.