Sizzle | Ignite Your Brand

• Magazine advertising springs to life using Sizzle visual scanning technology. When a consumer scans the Sizzle custom code, a Sizzle presentation appears on behalf of the local or national advertisers who have Sizzle enabled their magazine media placements.

• Magazines were never instantly transactional, until Sizzle brought the Sizzle code to print media. Any, product, service, class or experience is instantly presentable and purchasable using the Sizzle system.

• Fashion is one of the many great topics which provide the opportunity for a Sizzle brand to place a poll / quiz that engages the user and brings the fashion ad to life in ways that have never happened prior to Sizzle. Turn quizzes into immediate sales by reinventing the communication through fun new methods and options. To open your Sizzle Enterprise Account, click here.