Sizzle | Ignite Your Brand

• Signs of all sizes, shapes and media... printed, electronic, neon, laser, or any other form of image generation are capable of triggering unique interactions on Sizzle. From a theatrical motion picture poster coming to life, to a point of purchase display converting consumers from interest to completed sales, the depth of the Sizzle-enabled signage is extraordinary.

• Intra-Brand promotions, Cross-Brand Promotions, and Coop Advertising Promotions grow exponentially with the ability to convert a sign into Sizzle magic theater.

• Brands can take advantage of the most endeared characters and bring them to life at will for recording and social media sharing, all from a simple in-store sign.

• Sizzle delivers demographics and psychographics on the broad use of our consumer base as a part of any campaign a brand uses the Sizzle platform to promote.

• Motivate in theater attendance by delivering rare bonus content that can only be claimed in the movie theater at the end of the credits by turning on your phone and catching the bonus pack. To open your Sizzle Enterprise Account, click here.